OSCE for LPC graduates

MCT Exemption

LPC graduates are entitled to be exempt from QLTS MCT. However, in order to proceed with the OSCE, you still formally need to obtain a decision from the SRA confirming the exemption. Exemptions for Legal Practice Course (LPC graduates)

The application consists out of 2 elements:

    1. Completed QLTS – Exemption from the MCT application form
    2. Additional docs requested by SRA:
      • Copy of the LPC certificates and transcripts;
      • Certificate of your domestic qualification; and
      • Certificate of good standing issued by your bar: a) confirmed date of admission (details of the decision); and b) any matters that affect your standing as a lawyer, e.g. personal characteristics including professional conduct.

After the OSCE is passed and you are a qualified Attorney, you will be eligible to apply for admission as a solicitor of England and Wales.

With the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) in September 2021 there have been deadlines put in place for completing the QLTS assessments. This means you will need to successfully complete the OSCE and apply for admission before 1 September 2021 to qualify under the QLTS route.

SPECIAL OFFER LPC Graduates: [places are limited]

LPC Package£1000 

Eligibility: The package is competitive and limited maximum to two places per exam

Grounds: LPC transcript

OSCE Preparation

Due to your LPC experience, it should be much easier for you to prepare. LPC is a big advantage, compared to other OSCE candidates. However, please keep in mind that OSCE goes beyond the scopes of  LPC, plus there could have been substantial developments in the law since you graduated. How OSCE is different from LPC:

    • We estimate that around 20% of law is beyond the LPC; and
    • Standard of the skills is of junior solicitor (2 years of training contract), not a trainee solicitor.
    • OSCE has its own exam specifics and techniques.

 We understand the expenses involved, LPC fees and your individual needs for QLTS OSCE prep. So, in order to cover the above differences, we suggest you proceed with our cheapest package ‘Budget’ or ‘All-in’.

 To sign up for the OSCE Smart Course, please submit the Question Form on the left or email us at: info@qltsosce.co.uk

LPC Package – £1000

✓3 Mock Interviews + Attendance Notes/Case Analysis (3 handwritten or typed individually marked)

✓3 Mock Advocacy/Presentation stations

✓1 Legal Writing Mock Station

✓1 Research Mock Station

✓1 Drafting Mock Station

‘Study group’: 

5 sets of lectures: Business, Property; Probate; Civil and Criminal Litigation;

Skills lectures: Drafting, Writing, Research, Interview and Advocacy

Short drafting and writing case studies in 5 practice areas with mock stations and suggested answers for self-assessment

10 research mock stations and suggested answers for self-assessment

5 seminars OSGSs on application of the law to factual scenarios: one per practice area;

Group facilities: Flashcards, Facebook Group; Legal Research and Drafting Google Classrooms; and

Dedicated tutor: Assistance with individual study plan; reasonable support with your questions and inquiries; assistance with finding a study partner